Quality of Service & Tuition

Nurul-Bayn International Academy Is a successful, thriving and dynamic institution, we offer a leading environment that is truly inspiring and supports both western, Islamic education and practice with moral rectitude. NIA attracts students from a wide range of backgrounds from all over the world that come together and have the opportunity to meet and get to know the diversity of cultures, languages and ways of thinking which positively add to the experience of students. NIA has a well established high reputation for providing high quality teaching, learning and research.

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Payment of all fees is a condition for admitting a student into the school. On passing the entrance examination into the school, candidates are requested examination into the school; candidates are requested to collect the bill and bank teller for the payment of fees immediately. Such fees cover. Tuition, uniform, materials textbook, notebook, medical fees, development levy, PTA levy caution fees, id card, Club and society levy’s and reference material fees where applicable. No student will be allowed pending payment of fees after the 1st week of resumption.

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religious activities and ethics

The religious program in Nurul-Bayan international academy aims at ensuring the following. That the students/pupils imbibe Islamic value, principle and precepts.we focus on acquiring knowledge and understanding of Islam. as well as the Development of the Islamic education. at NIA Daily Salat is compulsory for all Muslim students, as we remain steadfast to the fundamental Islamic philosophy that a virtuos life is organized in compliance with the teachings of the holy Quran..

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