nursery/kindergarten adimission

The nursery/ kindergarten/preparatory classes are well equiped with capable hands that are able to provide pupils with adequate care and qualitative education, bearing in mind the nature of these pupils, we emphasize on the Islamic upbringing as a practical way of life.

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primary school admission

The primary school is fully equipped with trained teachers who give the basic training and education at a fundamental level required for pupils at this age. Facilities provided by the academy are used for moral, social and educational development with more emphasis on the modern technologies and methodologies of learning which made it neccesary to provide every student with a laptop. classrooms are equipped with interactive boards which makes E-learning one of our fields of speciality.

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secondary school admission

Nurul-Bayan academy follows the curriculum requirement of national examination council (NECO) and west african education commission (WAEC) for junior and senior secondary certificate examination (JSCE&SSCE) where they will be examined in various fields of specialization, the student could specialize in art, science or commercial subjects. Additionally the curriculum of Arabic language, Quran/Tajweed and Islamic religious studies are designed to suit the needs of the young Muslim youth who is planning to be one of tomorrow’s leaders.

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admissions overview

The prospective parent of the academy obtains an admission form from the School account department.  [...]


after which they are expected to submit the dully filled forms to the vice-principal academics or the head master as the case maybe.  [...]


The students/pupils will be made to write an entrance examination if he/she is not a candidate for nursery section. [...]


Candidate will be required to score 60% or above in all these subjects to quality for admission. [...]


Admission is exclusively reserved by the school authority. [...]


For futher enquiries please contact us today.  [...]

Arival/departure (security procedures)

All students must be in class when lesson starts. There should be no noise making during lessons hour Students are not expected to leave the classroom during lesson hours except for crucial reasons and with permission of the teachers. All homework or assignment should be written In the record book and answered or done accordingly. Students should take good care of text and notebooks at all times by keeping them clean and tidy.

The classroom must always be kept clean by the students it is compulsory for students to attend lesson as stipulated in the time table and sit for the continuous assessment regularly and the examination at the end of the term. Fan air-conditions and all light points must be switched off after closing by the class captain or the assistant. Proper use of toilet facilities must be observed.

Taps should not be left running. Drinking, chewing and eating in the classroom are strictly disallowed. All eating and drinking should be in the dinning hall..

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