Hostel Service:
Air Conditioned Rooms

17 air conditioned rooms in both male and female hostels...

Students Common Rooms

both male and female hostels are equipped with students common rooms where student engage in social activities...

Extra lessons

Students in the hostel at NIA enjoy condusive learning environments among colege giving the a bo..

Islamic Education and Morals

Boarding students at NIA enjoy a condusive islamic oriented learning environment...

Colege For Advanced Studies

A two years full and part programme that offers diploma in education in various courses.

Graphics Academy

Home of quality Design Training, Experience the standard in quality Design training...

Martial Art Training

Teaching the art of karate through disipline and moral self defense..

Hostel/Catering Services

A style of comfort and delicious meals for both girls and boys..

Transport Services

Air conditioned busses covering wide distance along the F.C.T..

Nur Book Shop

A well equipped book shop providing standard educational materials and stationaries..

Al Umma Orphanage

Surpport the orphans education health and their general well fare..

Quran Memorization

A compulsory package for all students which enable them to recit and memorize the Holy Quran with tajwid..

Admission requirements

Candidate will be required to submit the following before admission into the classroom. Original birth certificate and photocopy. Original and photocopy of transfer certificate (for those that transfer from other schools).Six passport photographs (colored). note: (All original certificates will be returned to the candidate after sighting).


The three statement of results of the last class attended by the student. Bank receipt/voucher showing payment of the school fees as soon as an admission is issued. Certificate of medical report..


Testimonial from the headmaster/principal of their former school giving details of study habits, conducts and attitude towards teachers and fellow pupils/students. Primary school/leaving certificate (for secondary students) Transfer certificate Letter of reference.

HosteL Cordinators & Registration
Hostel Advise for New Students

Hostel Programs.

1. 5:00am Fajir Salat.
2. Early morning Exercise.
3. Extra Moral Lessons.
3. Sports/Fun/leisure Time.
4. Extra Curicular Activites.



Promoting a high standard of education at all levels. Instilling moral and discipline in individual through a sound Islamic education. Having respect for cultural and traditional values with adequate moderation and modernization.


Cross fertilization of Islamic ideology and scientific principles. Operating rules and regulation in conformity with the national policy on education and state regulatory agencies. Islamically international by imbibing all rational values and ethics.


The academy is established as a center of learning for moral and religious knowledge scientific and modern technological development, it is nurturing the youths towards perfection, as they are the leaders of tomorrow. It is a nonprofit oriented organization, rendering service with sincerity, fear of Allah and dedication. It is geared towards evolving to a international Islamic university, which will be a citadel of learning.


As a school, we are dedicated to qualitative education and we seek to integrate a comprehensive Islamic education- spiritual and moral tenets-with the social, modern and western education based on loving, inspiring an meaningful methods of learning equally, it caters for the proper Islamic upbringing of the young ones. Collectively, it provides a foundation for a literature of practice and study.